• Corporate Introduction

WINHA Commerce and Trade International Ltd (ACN 605 884 848) (“WINHA”)was incorporated in Australia on 18 May 2015. The registered address is Level 14, 565 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000.

WINHA’s operating subsidiaries are incorporated in China, and sell local specialty food and beverage products from different regions across China through restaurants, a WINHA Supermarket, WINHA retail stores and WINHA franchise stores. Some of the food products sold are certified by the China Green Food Development Centre as “green food,” or are certified by international authorities as being organic food (but are not retailed as organic in China). The WINHA Group is based in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China.

For more information about WINHA, please contact Justyn Stedwell, Company Secretary, on +61 (0424) 222122.

  • Product Introduction

The WINHA supermarket, retail stores, franchise stores and restaurants stock hundreds of products, consisting mainly of fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs, spices (soup bases, seasonings etc.), and local Chinese specialty products such as dried fruits and seeds, dried fish and aquatic products, as well as premium rice, flour, oil and beverage products.

Our products are sourced from fresh, locally sourced regional ingredients, satisfying the strong consumer demand in China for delicacies and the types of speciality food products traditionally used in Chinese cooking.
Existing Business

1. Business Structure

WINHA operates through a range of different retail and franchise stores, restaurants and a supermarket which, aside from the franchise stores, are conducted by its subsidiaries.

2. Source of Income

    a. Sales revenue from its retail stores;
    b. Franchise fees from franchisees;
    c.Profits generated by WINHA     restaurants;
    d.Profits generated by the WINHA     Supermarket;
    Revenue from the supply of products     to hotels and restaurants; and
    e.Revenue from exporting WINHA     products into Australia through an     Australian wholesale business.

Operating Model

1.Supply chain
1)WINHA products are sourced from:
a.Vegetable farms and orchards run on land leased by Zhongshan WINHA; and
b.Third party growers, producers and suppliers.

2. Business Model
1)Cultivating fruit and vegetables on farms leased in China;
2)Product sales to:
a.Franchise and retail stores;
b.WINHA-owned restaurants;
c.Third party hotels and restaurants; and
d.Australian businesses through an Australian wholesaler.
3)Importing food products from Australia into China.